Production Growth

QSTP production growth is align with its mission to satisfy the demand of Qatar construction developments (vision of 2030). We produce quality products with modern technologies & machineries which satisfies the all required standards and became the market leader in the state of Qatar. Our production capacity reached from 3,500 tons to 40,000 tons per day as shown below graph and claiming the tittle of Gulf largest sand processing plant as well as in the world.


Wadi Gravel Recycling Plant (Aggregate)

In 2012, It also introduced the Wadi Gravel recycling plant to produce quality wadi gravel of different size “aggregates “products using local materials which is very competitive to the Gabbro products. The test result shows that this material can be used in concrete and all concrete products (Ref: Article of Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology Hydrology-QJEGH published in 2019; https://qjegh.lyellcollection.org/content/53/3/386). It’s a national product as well as it helps sustainability and reduces carbon emission. These products are satisfying the certification of local quality standards (ICV) with the highest quality which can be used instead of imported gabbro for building construction;

1Aggregate (M Sand)0.05-5 mm
2Aggregate 05-10 mm
3Aggregate 10-14 mm
4Aggregate 14-20 mm